About Me

George Douglas is a 23 year old antique dealer based in Staffordshire known globally for his great reputation and passion for antiques and vintage interiors. 

He is an experienced television personality who’s latest work includes Channel 4’s The Greatest Auction where he appeared both buying and selling acquisitions. 

When you think of antique dealers, you often think of someone much older, so to see a young George on-screen dealing in antiques, is not only a positive sign for the future of the industry, but also will help encourage other young people to develop an interest in antiques. His love for what he does is projected on-screen through his genuine enthusiasm and passion. His unique selling point is his young age combined with his amazing knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and dare we say eccentric personality. 

George started dealing in antiques at just 10 years of age after being inspired by programmes on television. He started selling at antique fairs aged just 14 and left full time education at 18 and set up his own business. 

His specialist subjects include English ceramics, English silver and rare objects. He has experience working with and trading in a generalist range of antiques, collectables, modern d├ęcor, luxury assets and fine art. George has sourced objects from trusted auctions and antique outlets across the country and around the world. 

Based in rural Staffordshire, He has grown up in an area well known for antiques and many historical surroundings. His desired occupation has always been to work with antiques which his ability, passion and determination has allowed him to do. 

Statement pieces, items by renowned makers and objects made by famous brands are his favourite types of antiques to buy. He looks for any objects with form, function, history and quality all rolled into one. Buying antiques that you like is something he thinks is very important. 

Selling items to buyers located in Hollywood and clients based at well known London and international addresses, he has developed a very trusted name within the antiques industry globally. George is known around the world for his great reputation and passion for antiques and vintage interiors. He has also sold to museums, traders, well known companies, private buyers and global collectors.